Thunderheart EP

by the rain within

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released October 31, 2015

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Andy Deane



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the rain within Charlottesville, Virginia

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Track Name: Thunderheart

Words as deep as any sea
Lips as red as blood on the horizon
Voice as pure as childhood laughter
I drown beneath her waves
I drown beneath her waves

Underneath it's all manufactured
Blood runs digital through her wires
And still I love the mask she's wearing
I drown beneath her waves
I drown beneath her waves

Electric light in the air
Thunder in our hearts
Electric light in the sky
Brighter days, darker nights

She's just a fantasy, a dream I cannot hold
She was my fantasy, now she's gone
Track Name: Everything

On the inside roses bloom
Blood red, so bright to cut the gloom
This velvet light to end the night and bring the blue
To clouded skies

And these years that we call life
Add up to everything, oh everything
And this pain that clouds your sight
Adds up to nothing, oh nothing

This hurt you feel is just a moment
A point in time to die as stars
Don’t let the fire burn too long inside of you
Just keep moving
Track Name: Neon

Neon lights, neon smiles
Silver steps down the devil's mile
Hollow words echo from the farthest shore
Hollow lives this hollow girl

Neon shines, neon minds
Blinding bright not to remind
Better worlds are too far for her to find
Living ties as beauty binds

Tomorrow is a chance to start over
A brand new sun
And over and over the lovers tumble down
Tomorrow we'll stand as one

Neon lights, neon skies
Golden years left to rust and die
Hollow words echo from the farthest worlds
Hollow dies this hollow girl
Track Name: Two Earths

A new moon collides
With the sun behind your eyes
Nothing to see, something to hide
It’s softer that tears, this velvet ache I feel
A rose-shaped cloud in restless skies

Will we ever see the same
Sky beneath the sun?
Will these distant worlds be one?
Two earths spinning through the stars
A universe apart
With our hands upon our hearts

Bleeds through the day
Into oceans on the floor
Something’s lost beneath the waves
Renewed hope collides with the doubt behind my eyes
A heart on fire will melt away
Track Name: Silence And The Sea

Oh the world can seem so heavy
When we’re falling down in the deep
Cuts and bruises write our story
And the pages won’t seem to turn
Something more or something different
Set this book afire and watch it burn

All I need is a place where I can breathe
You and me, and a moment here in peace
All I need is the silence and the sea
Is the silence and the sea

Oh the world can be so loud
Try to hide away from the sound
Find this perfect frozen moment
Hold it to your heart forever more
Track Name: Timeless

Something shimmering and warm
Something inside, something that cries for more
Under lights, somehow the smoke got in our eyes
And we could not find
All the strength to fight

We sing two different melodies
Something always out of key
These hearts pound to a different beat
Out of time
We can’t find the harmony
Something lost in you and me
These words drown in the depths
And we’re out of time

The words hung in my throat again
The meaning gone, like a dead language
Out of time, but these ruins sparkle in my mind
Never lost to time
Ever safe inside